John Deere Power Systems Now Offers More EPA-certified Engines

John Deere Power Systems (JDPS), Waterloo, Iowa, has announced that many of its engines under 100 hp are now Tier 3 and Interim Tier 4 certified by the EPA. The engines are also European Union (EU) Stage III A ready.

“With some of our PowerTech M and PowerTech E engines below 56 kW (75 hp), we chose to go straight from Tier 2 to Interim Tier 4,” said Gita Rao, product manager of strategy and long-term planning for JDPS. “Because our 2.4L engines have demonstrated Interim Tier 4 and Stage III A capabilities, we've met our 2008 deadline. This demonstrates that the technology we have developed is a great foundation for our Tier 4 solution.”

Four ratings of the PowerTech M 2.4L engine are planned for EPA Interim Tier 4. These engines will also meet current EU Stage III A standards, which took effect January 2007. The PowerTech M 2.4L engines are either naturally aspirated or turbocharged. In addition, four new ratings of the PowerTech E 2.4L engine and one new rating of the PowerTech E 3.0L are Interim Tier 4 and Stage III A ready. The 2.4L engines are turbocharged and air-to-air aspirated and the 3.0L engine is turbocharged.

Planned power ratings for these Interim Tier 4 ready and Stage III A engines are as follows: PowerTech M 2.4L, 42 hp to 49 hp; PowerTech E 2.4L, 56 hp to 66 hp; and PowerTech E 3.0L, 65 hp. Additionally, JDPS is planning six PowerTech E Tier 3/Stage III A ratings that will be offered above 75 hp. The PowerTech E 2.4L will have 80 hp, and the PowerTech E 3.0L will range from 76 to 99 hp.

JDPS will leverage the technology developed to meet Tier 3/Stage III A emissions as the basis for meeting future emissions regulations. John Deere is exploring various technology options, including advanced in-cylinder and after-treatment solutions.

“We have narrowed down the technologies we are exploring for Tier 4, but have not yet settled on the solution that will be right for our customers and us,” said Rao. “For Tier 4, we are planning to continue with the multiple-platform option. We're trying to include many potential solutions for Tier 4. The goal is to determine which concepts work best together in order to provide a solution that meets the needs of each given application.”