J.R. Merritt Offers New Interface Module Board

J.R. Merritt Offers New Interface Module Board

J.R. Merritt, Stratford, Conn., has introduced the ESS408 interface module board, which offers CAN-based solutions for industrial vehicle applications, including truck-mounted aerial lifts and cranes, construction, agriculture, mining, forestry and airport ground support equipment. This versatile interface module board can be configured to CAN open, J1939, or basic CAN protocols.

The ESS408 board is designed to be mounted directly to J.R. Merritt's line of Hall-effect joysticks or it can be adapted for use on any joystick generating a 0- to 5-volt or 0.5- to 4.5-volt reference signal. Remote mounting also available. The board is environmentally sealed using a silicone conformal coating, allowing it to stand up to the harshest environments.

The ESS408 features four analog inputs for up to four axes of proportional control, eight digital inputs for up to eight pushbuttons, and two digital outputs for up to two lights or alarms.


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