J.R. Merritt Operator Armchair Features Integrated Design System


The FSALV operator armchair by J.R. Merritt Controls Inc., Stratford, Conn., features an integrated system design and a multitude of adjustments, making it ideal for tight cabins and other compact workspaces, according to the company. The fully adjustable armrests and control consoles offer horizontal, vertical and longitudinal adjustments, as well as tilt and twist, to maximize comfort and adaptability to the operator and the work environment. The Actimo seat features height adjustment and seat cushion tilt and fore/aft adjustments along with weight compensation suspension. Numerous comfort settings accommodate operators of different statures. The FSALV's versatile modular design allows for maximum flexibility for a wide variety of industrial applications. The system is available as a stand-alone seat, or with options such a fixed riser or turntables/rotators.

The armchair can be purchased with or without J.R. Merritt joysticks. The system will accommodate most of J.R. Merritt's CS, M and PRO series joysticks along with five, 0.89-inch control devices, which can be configured to your requirements or completely wired to your specifications.