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Kar-Tech Offers Wireless Control Capabilities for Mobile Equipment

Kar-Tech, Delafield Wis., recently unveiled its new package for adding wireless control to legacy mobile hydraulic equipment without electro-hydraulic valves. The Kar-Tech Ranger system comprises a wireless transmitter and receiver, as well as all hardware and peripherals necessary to attach to valve handles and physically control them in response to wireless commands. The system comes with an illustrated step-by-step installation instructions that will enable the OEM, dealer, or end user to have the system up and running in a matter of hours. These manuals are provided for general equipment, or specific to several models of Terex and National cranes.

In addition to fully proportional control of standard boom functions, basket control and automatic basket leveling functionality are built in. Boom and winch speed reduction switches are present as well to reduce the speed of the proportional functions.

The system is loaded with safety features, some of which are new to industry. If valves are controlled on the machine while the radio is in operation, the system will shut down and alert the user to prevent any injuries. An E-Stop is present as well to provide immediate emergency shutdown, and enable switches make sure the operator is in control when operating. The control boasts 1,000-foot range, is built to withstand the stresses of the mobile environment, and uses a combination of FHSS and ID coding radio technology to eliminate crosstalk and interference. Engine control is built in for start, stop, and throttle. All electronics are solid-state and fully sealed to protect against the mobile environment, and all switches and joysticks are rated for millions of operations.

This package can be configured to work with any type of equipment. Full product warranty and support is available through Kar-Tech and its international dealer network.

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