Keytroller Adds Keyless Ignition to Product Offerings

Keytroller, Inc., Tampa, Fla., introduces the Start-Smart keyless ignition for construction equipment, including cranes, aerial lifts, and forklifts. Easily retrofitted into any internal combustion or electric vehicle, Start-Smart replaces the ignition key with a metal piezo keypad.

Operators input a code, and the device illuminates green if the code is accepted. Rather than turning a key, the engine starts and stops by pressing button. An ignition sequence can be set for diesel engines that prevent the use of a start button until the glow plugs have warmed.

The Start-Smart system is available in an anti-theft version, which includes a wireless relay hidden in the ignition, starter, or fuel pump circuit. When a driver enters his code, it enables the wireless relay, where he or she can then start the engine by pressing the start button. Without first enabling the hidden wireless relay, a thief cannot hot wire the vehicle from the ignition key.

The metal piezo keypad is totally sealed and designed for tough outdoor weather conditions ranging from -40 degrees F to 185 degrees F. Resilient against vandals, water, and tampering, the keypad also tested to military standards for salt, dust, water, shock, temperature, humidity, and vibration. Unlike plastic membrane keypads, the metal keypad has no moving parts, and the electronics feel the press through the metal so gloves also can be worn.

Priced at $425, the Start-Smart system is available from North American Keytroller dealers. For more information, go to