Keytroller Introduces Dual Video Drive Recorder

Keytroller LLC, Tampa, Fla., introduces the Smartest dual video drive camera system. Designed to be a simple, inexpensive, and easy-to-install system, the Smartest provides immediate video proof of what happened before and after an accident. Companies are using this recorder in applications with forklifts and cranes, and in the evaluation of equipment from the driver’s perspective and response. Smartest is a forward- and rearward-looking video recorder. It continually records digital video whenever the vehicle's ignition is on. All software is preloaded to the device’s SD card which records the camera’s video, audio, GPS location, speed, direction, and G-force movement.

The device can handle up to a 32GB SD card which will record approximately 24 hours of continuous video.

In addition, it records individual video events triggered by impact, fast acceleration or fast deceleration (heavy braking), and these G-force events are saved until deleted by the user. Events are time/date stamped and the device records from one to three minutes before and after an event. There is an IR illuminator for recording inside the driver's cab at night. An optional LCD display is available with an external rear-mounted camera (model 3311), creating a back-p camera that can both aid the driver and record events.