Keytroller Introduces Dual Video Drive Recorder with GPS


Keytroller, LLC, Tampa, Fla., introduces the Smarter dual video drive recorder with GPS, a pro-active device designed to create driver accountability and video proof of accident liability by providing both inside and outside views of a vehicle, while simultaneously matched with GPS route, speed and location. The easy-to-install device can potentially save a company millions of dollars by securing protection from false claims and accusations regarding accidents the company’s vehicles are involved in, according to Keytroller.

In addition, the device forces operator accountability for all actions, including cell-phone use. The documented proof thus allows for appropriate actions to be warranted. The Smarter provides immediate video proof of an accident occurrence, and documents the happenings prior and post the incident as well. The device is a forward and rearward looking video recorder, and continuously records digital video whenever the ignition is on. It then overwrites the oldest video when the memory card is full.

It is also designed to record individual video events triggered by impact, fast acceleration, or fast deceleration (heavy breaking). Events are time/date stamped, and the device records between 1-3 minutes before, and 1-3 minutes after, the event is triggered. For further accuracy, there is an infrared illuminator for capturing the inside of the driver’s cabin at night, and audio can be recorded as well.