Keytroller Smarty Matches Video Incidents with GPS location and Tracking


Tampa, Fla.-based Keytroller has introduced the Smarty compact digital camera recorder, which is designed to match video incidents with GPS location and tracking. To use, simply mount the camera, plug into the in-cab or platform power outlet, and begin recording. The small profile design fits easily to any windshield or overhead guard without restricting visibility.


Smarty begins recording when it’s three-axis accelerometer senses an impact, fast acceleration, deceleration or a quick turn. Video, GPS location, speed, and G-force is recorded 15 seconds before and five seconds after the event and stored on the unit’s SD memory card.


The SD memory card has software built into it. The card, which is the same as a digital camera's card, is removed from the device and inserted into a PC card reader and downloaded onto the PC. These events are opened independently to view video of the incident and GPS location in Google Map or Google Earth.


The Smarty provides GPS location tracking without monthly wireless costs, and it allows easy sorting of location, speed and impacts so equipment owners can review its drivers' habits, speeds, routes and destination stop time. Smarty video record provides visual and legal proof of guilt in an accident. Drivers are more diligent because they are monitored, resulting in significantly less accidents, improved productivity, and reduced insurance premiums. It also accommodates hundreds of incidents, depending on the capacity of SD memory card. Video/GPS files can be exported and pictures and report of the incident can be printed.


The software loaded in the memory card is multi-language for English, Danish, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch, and Portuguese.