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Kohler Engines Announces New Products and Product Enhancements

Kohler Engines, Kohler, Wis., made several announcements regarding new products and product enhancements at GIE+EXPO 2012 in Louisville, Ky., this fall. The company has expanded its Command PRO EFI line, launched an EFI-propane engine, announced a three-year warranty on its Command PRO V-Twin engines, and introduced gear reduction options on certain Command PRO Horizontal engine models.

Kohler’s Command PRO electronic fuel injection (EFI) line of engines is again expanding with the launch of new 34 and 38 hp models. The new additions are expected to be popular among end users seeking higher horsepower in conjunction with the significant fuel cost and maintenance savings, reliable starting, and incredible performance delivered through Kohler’s entire EFI lineup. The Command PRO EFI family of products now encompasses 16 different engines ranging from 19 to 38 hp to meet the diverse needs of today’s green industry professionals.

The engines include an oxygen sensor that analyzes the air/fuel mixture in the muffler. If the oxygen level strays from the ideal air/fuel mixture, the sensor triggers adjustments to the amount of fuel injected into the system. Only Kohler engines then “close the loop” between the air/fuel intake and the exhaust output to provide a constant stream of critical feedback, which helps deliver optimal fuel efficiency and a variety of other benefits, including easy starting, fuel adaptability, improved power, and increased life span.

Kohler has launched a new engine that combines the closed-loop EFI technology with the benefits of propane. The Kohler Command PRO EFI propane engine is a highly efficient, environmentally-friendly option, akin to the gasoline version, that provides increased productivity and low overall operating cost to landscape contractors and other green industry professionals. The new propane engine is offered on Kohler’s 23 and 27 hp Command PRO EFI commercial line.

Kohler is also now offering a three-year warranty on all new Command PRO V-Twin engines. The company extended its warranty due to strong marketplace response to the closed-loop EFI engine, which already carries a three-year warranty, as well as recently integrated performance enhancements. The extended warranty on Kohler’s carbureted Command PRO V-Twin engines has already taken effect and applies to all new equipment sold after October 3, 2012.

Finally, Kohler has introduced gear reductions options, some including a clutch, on select models of the 7, 9.5, and 14 hp Command PRO Horizontal engines. The new options are expected to be popular among end users in the lawn and landscape, construction, and agriculture markets seeking a powerful engine with reduced RPM speed while increasing torque.


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