Konecranes Introduces AGD Grab Unloader for Bulk Terminals

Konecranes Americas, Springfield, Ohio, introduces the eco-friendly AGD Grab Unloader for modern bulk terminals, which covers all capacities and site conditions from barge unloading to the largest ocean-going bulk carriers. Benefits include increased productivity and reliability, decreased maintenance, operating costs, energy consumption, and downtime.

The AGD Grab Unloader can lift from 16 to 65 tons, with special designs up to 100 tons, and it has an unloading capacity of up to 3,000 tons per hour. The outreach capacity is 98.4 to 164 meters, and the backreach capacity is up to 131.2 feet. The hoist moves at a rate of 590.5 feet per minute, and the gantry travels at up to 98.4 feet per minute. The closing and trolley speeds are both 590.5 feet per minute.

Automatic unloading options are offered as standard, which ensures high productivity while increasing efficiency and reducing driver fatigue. The AGD Grab Unloader allows easy access to all maintenance points and locations, which make maintenance easier. Low operating costs, energy consumption per unloaded ton, and rope consumption make the AGD an affordable option for bulk material handling. These benefits lead to high availability and decreased downtime.

A simple rope arrangement allows the AGD Grab Unloader to operate with a low maintenance schedule. The total length of the rope and number of rope pulleys are 60 percent less than those used in conventional unloader designs. Because there is less rope to work, changing the ropes is easier and more efficient than conventional designs. The efficient rope reeving design and advanced AGD control system provide trouble-free operation and ease of maintenance. The result is less operational problems, less maintenance, and better availability.

The AGD Grab Unloader offers a variety of features to provide optimal dust-free handling of almost any bulk commodity. Effective dust suppression with water mist is used for materials that can cause dusting. The unit is equipped with modern control that enables spill-free material handling. Dust extraction with a fully-enclosed conveyor arrangement for such materials as animal feed, cement, and clinker, which ensures that the air around the conveyor is particle-free.


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