Kubota Engine Honors Two Long-Time Distributors | Industry News

Kubota Engine America Corp. recently honored two of its long-standing distributors for decades of dedicated service.

At the company's annual distributor meeting in Lincolnshire, Ill., the company recognized M.G. Bryan Equipment Company, serving Oklahoma and Northern Texas, for 30 years of service, and East Coast Power, with four locations serving Atlantic Canada, for 20 years.

Kubota Canada Sales and Marketing Manager JP Ouellette said, “At Kubota, we are very proud of our award recipients this year. When you have longstanding relationships with distributors like M.G. Bryan and East Coast Power, the ease of doing business while exceeding customer expectations makes for very smooth transitions between our products in Japan and our end users here.”

M.G. Bryan President Matt Bryan said it is an honor to represent Kubota and calls the company a first-class organization. The distributor is aggressive in the construction and oilfield application markets, and has remained a strong Kubota partner since the beginning. “Our relationship with Kubota has been evolving ever since my father first started selling their products when he founded the company back in 1986. In the 30 years since then, we have expanded our product offerings from only four engines to now include multiple lines serving major OEMs across the world. As our company grows, our partnership with Kubota has expanded to keep up,” he said.

East Coast Power, a division of Sansom Equipment, specializes in industrial and marine diesel engines at its four locations throughout Atlantic Canada. Vice President of Sansom Equipment Dale Mallais said the company thanks Kubota for the award and support it has given East Coast Power over the last two decades. “There is nothing more gratifying than recognition from your peers and colleagues,” he said.

Both M.G. Bryan and East Coast Power have big plans for growth with Kubota in the years to come. In return, Kubota will continue investing in training for distributors and advancing product development to remain leaders in an increasing variety of industries. “Working with reliable distributors and developing strong relationships really sets our company apart in the marketplace and gives us confidence and peace of mind that all customers are being well served,” said Ouellette. “We look forward to the next 20 and 30 years of strengthening our partnerships even more.”