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Latham Establishes LiftRig Consulting

Veteran engineer Nick Latham has launched LiftRig Consulting, a new Wimborne, Dorset, England-based lifting assurance and engineering design services business focusing on safety. LiftRig offers an independent lifting assurance, auditing and lift planning service, eliminating the need for companies to carry specialist personnel or contractors to undertake those roles.

“Safety standards are exceptionally high nowadays, as they should be,” said Latham. “There is a corporate responsibility to ensure that those obligations are met and that verification procedures can be initiated to assure that organisations meet those responsibilities. This is where LiftRig can help – the huge variety of services we provide means that our clients can ensure that this is taken care of.”

The team at LiftRig, which offers more than 25 years of combined experience with state-of the-art CAD design software, is experienced in heavy lift, below the hook, offshore and renewable energies, subsea cable handling and storage systems, and autoclave design. LiftRig offers a complete package of planning  services for lifting operations with a focus on safety.


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