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Liebherr Adds P-boom System to Increase Lifting Capacity of its Lattice Boom Cranes

Liebherr, Ehingen, Germany, has released the new P-boom (power or parallel boom) system designed to increase the lift capacity of its lattice boom cranes. The P-boom’s P-adapters are available on new cranes and can be retrofitted to previously delivered LR 11350 cranes. The system improves stability in the direction of the load, as well as to the side, to significantly increase lifting capacity with long boom systems. The serial luffing fly jib can also be attached, considerably increasing its lifting capacity.

Originally designed for the company’s LR 13000 crawler crane, Liebherr developed the P-boom system for the LR 11350. Because standard lattice sections are used, customers can purchase P-adapters to retrofit the boom to LR 11350 cranes.

Adding the P-adapters can increase lifting capacity by more than 50 percent. In general, only standard intermediate sections are used with the power boom. The adapters can be used for several cranes of the same type, while the slewing platform, derrick boom, and luffing fly jib remain the same. The base section’s design allows a single or parallel boom to be attached to the crane's slewing platform.


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