Lift and Access Magazine Honors 2011 LLEAP Innovation Winners

Lift and Access Magazine Honors 2011 LLEAP Innovation Winners

Lift and Access Magazine has announced the new and innovative products that earned Platinum, Gold, and Silver awards in its Leadership in Lifting Equipment and Aerial Platforms (LLEAP) competition for 2011. This year’s competition honors innovative products that were introduced between Apr. 1, 2010, and Mar. 31, 2011, and that have advanced the state of the lifting and access industry.

The manufacturers of the honored products received awards at a reception during the Lift and Access Showcase and Symposium Nov. 8-9, in Scottsdale, Ariz. The trophies were presented by Maximum Capacity Media President Guy Ramsey and Maximum Capacity Media Associate Publisher Katie Parrish.

The LLEAP competition considers entries in five categories:

• Aerial Lifts - self-propelled boom or scissor lifts, and trailer or truck-mounted aerials

• Material Handlers - rough-terrain, telescopic-boom, and straight-mast forklifts 

• Cranes - rough-terrain, all-terrain, truck cranes, boom trucks, and self-erectors

• OEM-Developed Features/Essential Components for OEMs – for example, engines and telematics

• Aftermarket Support Products and Services – for example, radio remote controls, rigging gear, and equipment accessories.

In each category, the highest-scoring entry earned the Gold Award, and the second-highest-scoring product earned the Silver Award.

In addition, one machine and one support product earned Platinum Awards for the best all-around innovation.

More detail about the rating process, judging panel, and finalist entries can be found at

Here are the LLEAP 2011 award winners:

Platinum Award for a Machine

Terex Crossover 6000 Boom Truck

This new boom-truck concept mounts a truck-crane upperworks on a commercial truck chassis in order to deliver high lifting capacity, highway mobility, and a wide choice of chassis options to meet customers’ truck-brand preferences. The 60-ton-capacity Crossover 6000 is the first model in the Terex family of crossover boom trucks. LLEAP judges selected it as the crane with the best all-around innovation because of its productive and profitable features.

Its central hub and X-pattern outriggers are essential to achieving 60-ton crane capacity in a roadable configuration. The outriggers and hub transfer lifting reactions from the upperworks to the ground without affecting the truck chassis. The length and positioning of the front outriggers enables 360° continuous swing without a front-bumper stabilizer.

Judge’s comment: The 60-ton capacity may prove to be very beneficial for the taxi fleet, especially if it helps on fuel costs.

Platinum Award for a Component

Eaton LifeSense Hose Condition Monitor

Eaton Hydraulics’ patented LifeSense monitoring technology observes the health of hydraulic hoses and alerts the machine operator when a hose is nearing the end of its life and needs to be replaced. This accurate warning system lets hoses be replaced at the optimum time: before they fail but not so early that they have useful life left. By alerting machine operators to replace hoses before they fail, LifeSense can cut downtime, cleanup costs, environmental damage, and potential injury. The system includes a new hose with at least one conductor, a special end fitting that is both a hydraulic and electrical connector, and a diagnostic unit. One diagnostic unit can monitor up to 11 hoses. It is the first fluid-conveyance product that can monitor itself, detect symptoms, and warn the user of imminent failure.

Judge’s comment: Everyone who uses hydraulic hoses can take advantage of this new product.      

Gold Award for Aerial Lift

JLG 1500SJ Boom Lift

JLG’s new 1500SJ boom lift offers 150-foot platform height, making it the largest self-propelled telescopic boom lift available. It features JLG’s newly adopted steel hood, swing-out mounted 74.9-hp Deutz diesel engine, and passive oscillating axles that lock at six inches on each side. Its telescoping jib extends from 15 feet stowed to 25 feet extended, the platform rotates 180° on the end of the jib, and the turret offers 360° continuous rotation. Maximum horizontal reach is 80 feet. Its new LCD display provides key information, eliminating the need to plug in a laptop computer or other diagnostic tool.

Judge’s comment: It opens the door to contractors who were limited to using truck-mounted aerials and crane baskets to work at 150 feet.

Gold Award for Material Handler

Xtreme XR2450 Telehandler

Xtreme Manufacturing’s new XR2450 is one of several telehandler models that Xtreme has revamped or boosted in capacity during recent months. First launched as the XR2050 with 20,000-pound capacity, it now offers 24,000-pound maximum capacity and has been re-launched with a new name that reflects its added capability. A pick-and-place telehandler with three-section boom and outriggers, the XR2450 offers 50-foot lifting height, 36-foot forward reach, and lifting capability to work in heavy civil and energy-related projects. Its quick-attach system allows fast switching between forks, utility buckets, concrete hopper, truss boom, and other attachments.

Judge’s comment: Being able to pick and carry 20,000 pounds and place 9,000 pounds up 50 feet is impressive.

Gold Award for OEM-Developed Feature

OEM Data Delivery Multi-Pump Fluid Data Tracker

OEM Data Delivery’s Multi-Pump Fluid Data Tracker allows companies to precisely track and document the use of fuel, engine oil, transmission fluid, hydraulic fluid, and every other fluid use in each piece of equipment in their fleets. Its wireless, paperless, and hands-free technology identifies each piece of equipment and the fluids dispensed to it. It also records GPS coordinates, the time the fluids were dispensed, engine hours, and mileage. The data can be accessed by e-mail or password-protected web reports and integrated into back-office management systems. It allows more-accurate job estimating, job costing, and monitoring of machine health and performance.

Judge’s comment: Gives machine owners good data about fluid use and helps spot problems through trending.

Silver Award for Aerial Lift

Skako Lift Bluelift BL72 Boom Lift

The Bluelift BL72 is the newest model in the Bluelift line of articulating boom lifts. It offers 66-foot maximum platform height, up to 36 feet of horizontal outreach, 340° non-continuous turret rotation, 440-pound platform capacity at full height and full reach, and still can travel through a standard single doorway. Its innovative features include Function Memory System (FMS), which allows the operator to save time on repetitive lifts, automatic engine start-stop that saves up to 50 percent on fuel, and drive-speed safety sensors that shift the drive system to low speed on slopes of more than 8°.

Judge’s comment: Automated functions are thoughtful and beneficial.

Silver Award for Material Handler

Manitou MLT 625 Telehandler

Manitou’s MLT 625 low-profile compact telescopic handler can work in low-overhead buildings, yet deliver up to 19’3” of lifting height and up to 5,500 pounds of lifting capacity. Its 6’7” minimum height, less-than-six-foot width, and 10-foot turning radius let it work in the tightest of spaces. The cab includes an intuitive and ergonomic multi-function joystick that lets the operator control all drive and hydraulic functions with his or her right hand, leaving the left hand free for steering.

Judge’s comment: Compact, versatile machine will be popular everywhere.

Silver Award for Crane

Cargotec Hiab XS 622 Knuckleboom Crane

Cargotec’s new Hiab XS 622 heavy-lift knuckleboom crane offers state-of-the-art features that include a new boom system and cylinders, better couplings and seals, the HiPro control system, and a variable-displacement pump. The result: long outreach, precision control, and smooth operation in a 58-tonne-meter crane. Main-boom capacities run from 22,267 pounds at a 16’8” radius to 3,483 pounds at 72’10”. In its most-powerful configuration, the XS 622 can reach out 105 feet. Even at that reach, new technical solutions make the boom more stable.

Judge’s comment: Hiab increased the crane’s reach as it reduced deflection, and also enhanced precision as it engineered the machine to handle previously inaccessible applications.

Silver Award for OEM-Developed Feature

Firestone DuraForce MH Tire for Telehandlers

Bridgestone Americas Offroad Division and JLG Industries worked together for three years to develop the new Firestone DuraForce MH tire designed specifically for use on telehandlers. The new tire is expected to give three times the life of existing tires. Its low profile and vertical sidewall minimize the chance of damage. Deeper tread, less crown, and a unique compound lengthen tread life. The uni-directional tread enables the same tire to mount on either the right or left side of the machine, minimizing the amount of inventory needed.

Judge’s comment: Minimizing sidewall damage is a huge step in reducing telehandler operating costs.

Silver Award for After-market Support Product

TireSocks’ ForkSocks Fork Covers

TireSocks Inc. has created ForkSocks, a new product that meets the industry-wide need to protect painted, plated, finished, or fragile materials handled in warehouses and on jobsites. ForkSocks slip onto a forklift’s forks to protect finished materials from marring, scratching, and gouging by sharp fork tips. They can be made to fit any sized fork, are constructed of heavy-duty material, feature a double-reinforced toe, and attach securely with a bungee cord and grommeted eyelets.

Judge’s comment: We are seeing more and more of these required in certain applications.


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