Lift-It Celebrates 30 Years

Lift-It Manufacturing Co., Los Angeles, Calif., will celebrate 30 years of dedication to the lifting and material handling industries on Sept. 3.

Since Lift-It was founded in 1979 by Ken Keeble, Darrell Dudley and Mike Gelskey, the company has grown to become one of the largest fabricators of synthetic products in the country.

“I never realized that our first day of operation was going to be a paid holiday, as we were too busy working long hours, building tables, working on sewing machines and finalizing our first catalog to look at a calendar. What a planner I am!” said Mike Gelskey Sr., CEO and founder. “We started with five people, and now have 35 people with multi-generational families in the Lift-It family.”

The company will celebrate with world-famous Pink’s Hot Dogs and responsibly consumed beverages. “We’d like to thank those that have stood by us in a world where price and profit margins often trump quality, service and/or technical expertise,” said Gelskey. “We’ll keep our same focus and continue to promote the value added aspects of relationship with like-minded, quality-oriented organizations.”

Lift-It offers a complete line of synthetic products and has also expanded its mix to include other types of equipment. Service and the growth are a direct result of the management team at Lift-It, specifically Mike Gelskey Jr. and Michelle Brown, Gelskey said. “Service has always been our hallmark and Junior has taken it to a new level with same-day service to remote locations,” Gelskey said. “You say what, when and where with one phone call, and the team of professionals at Lift-It makes it happen. Behind every great man, there is a great woman, and Michelle Brown has a full-time job keeping Junior and me on the straight and narrow.”