Lift-A-Loft Delivers Inspection Process Lift for Aerospace Industry

Lift-A-Loft Corp., Muncie, Ind., recently delivered a special fixed-mounted lift system to a customer working in the aerospace industry that had a critical inspection requirement spread over a long distance at variable heights. Lift-A-Loft’s MS42 aerial lift was designed to meet this customer’s specific needs.

The unit is fixed mounted and operates off of 110 VAC power.  It offers a low minimum platform height of 10 inches and can elevate to a maximum height of 42 inches. The entire platform can shift up to 24 inches forward at any elevation. 

MS42’s platform is 37 feet long and provides 1,000 pounds of capacity. Because of its length, the MS42 was constructed in two detachable sections that are specially designed to remain synchronized when they are connected.