Lift-A-Loft Develops High-Capacity Maintenance Truck


Lift-A-Loft Corporation, Muncie, Ind., has recently completed the production of a new high capacity truck-mounted scissor Lift. The TMHCL can lift 10,000 pounds of capacity up to 20 feet in the air. The unit can be mounted on a variety of commercial chassis and equipped with many different tools and options.


Primarily designed for bridge repair and inspection, the TMHCL's powered side extensions can be used to create a working area that measures 20 feet long x 11’6” wide.  This provides plenty of room for multiple workers to perform repairs over a large area simultaneously. Stabilizers lower vertically so the unit can be positioned within a single lane of traffic. 


The first unit built was mounted on a chassis with a full crew cab. Featuring front walk-up steps and a rear-mounted tail lift, the unit includes an on-board compressor, power inverter, and LED lighting, ensuring that a variety of tools can be used at elevation.