Lift-A-Loft's New Fall Arrest Lift System | Construction News

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The Lift-A-Loft TMX series truck-mounted maintenance lift is now available with an option for a telescopic overhead lanyard system. The overhead lanyard system was designed to provide workers fall arrest protection while performing crown maintenance on aircraft.  The fall arrest system can safely allow three workers to be attached while centered over the fuselage of an aircraft.

The Lift-A-Loft TMX incorporates a telescopic scissor mechanism that allows for a maneuverable and compact truck-mounted maintenance lift while still providing a 15-ft. long work platform. The telescopic scissor provides a wide stance at full elevation.  This feature provides a rigid and stable working platform that cannot be achieved with a conventional scissor lifting mechanism.  The platform of the unit can traverse out the rear of the unit 8 ft. to allow for over wing access. The platform is also equipped with four electrically actuated slider panels that can be extended out an additional 48 in. to one side of the platform

Once in position, the telescopic overhead lanyard system can be extended.  This system will then allow workers to access the fuselage and make necessary repairs, perform modifications and conduct inspections.  Tools and parts can be easily brought up to height with the large working platform of the TMX.