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Low-Level Access Abounds at The Rental Show

Low-Level Access Abounds at The Rental Show

Whether intentional or not, aerial work platform manufacturers at The Rental Show in Atlanta, Ga., displayed a number of surprisingly similar products that are designed to target contractors who need to access work areas at low heights. Ranging from 8 to 16 feet, these low-level access vertical mast and scissor lifts are ideal for hospital jobs, projects on computer flooring, and sites with restricted ground pressure. OEMs offering new products in this class include Haulotte/BilJax, Skyjack, Absolute E-Z Up, Custom Equipment, and Snorkel.

Haulotte/BilJax PT10SP

In 2008, Haulotte/BilJax, Archbold, Ohio, introduced the push-around PT10 vertical lift, and this year, the company has launched a self-propelled version of this machine. Weighing 1,250 pounds, the PT10SP offers a 10-foot platform height and 500 pounds of lift capacity. Because the machine is lightweight, it provides a good battery life and runs up to 10 hours per day, depending on the work cycle.

Much of the design of the PT10SP incorporates components common to other Haulotte/BilJax products, including the articulating boom structure and 2’3” x 4’9” aluminum platform from the PT10, the drive system from the company’s stock picker product, and casters from its scaffold line. At the base of the unit, the PT10SP features independent steer and a 0° turning radius. Built in France, the pothole protection system is designed to be simple to operate. The articulating boom structure features few moving parts and common, off-the-shelf components for simple troubleshooting. Using a wheelchair control system, the PT10SP features electric drive powered by two 100 Ah batteries.

Other features include a 30 amp automatic battery charger, 24-volt electric drive, and an optional alarm package. Overall, the PT10SP measures 3’2” wide by 5’9” long and 6’4” tall. Maximum drive speed is 3 mph.  The PT10SP meets ANSI and CSA standards.

Custom Equipment Hy-Brid HB-P830 and HB-S830

Custom Equipment, Richfield, Wis., introduced the HB-P830 and the HB-S830 at The Rental Show. The HB-P830 is a push-around scissor lift that features an 8-foot platform height and a 25”x44.5” deck. Designed as an alternative to baker’s scaffold, the machine automatically locks the wheels when elevated. The self-propelled HB-SB30 also features an 8-foot platform height and 25” x 44.5” deck. The unit tightly turns, providing a 0° turning radius for close quarters.

Skyjack SJ 12 and SJ 16

Although displayed at European trade shows for more than a year, The Rental Show was the first U.S. showing of the SJ 12 self-propelled vertical lift from Skyjack, Guelph, Ontario. The mast-style SJ 12—one of two machines in this product category—features a 12-foot lift height. The other unit in the series, the SJ 16, has a 16-foot platform height, which is achieved by adding another section to the mast. According to Skyjack, weight and size are important in this class, and preliminary overall weight specs for the SJ 12 is 1,690 pounds while the SJ 16 is estimated at 2,130 pounds. Designed to easily fit through elevators and doorways, the SJ 12 and SJ 16 measure 30 inches wide and 54 inches long.

On the 500-pound capacity platform, the control box is located at the front end of the platform rather than at the back next to the mast to improve visibility. The units use relay-based proportional controls. Components and wiring are all color-coded and numbered for ease of service. Recognizing the need for technicians to easily and safely access the service area at the base of the unit, Skyjack’s SJ 12 and SJ 16 utilize a 27”x40” transversing platform that provide a clear opening to the service area.

Other features include 30 percent gradeability; solid rubber, non-marking tires that are the same size as Skyjack’s 19-foot narrow scissor lift; 3 mph maximum drive speed; 110VAC outlet in the platform with GFI; and an 18-inch step height. Options include a half-height spring-hinged gate, a light-duty pipe rack/steel stud rack, and a tool tray.

Absolute E-Z Up IAWP-15

Charleston, S.C.-based Absolute E-Z Up entered the AWP market at The Rental Show, displaying the IAWP-15 mast lift. Featuring a 15-foot platform height, the IAWP-15 has an unrestricted platform capacity 617 pounds, 35 percent gradeability to climb up ramps or over beavertails into trucks, vans, pickup beds, and a 0° turning radius. It also features a tow hook for roll-back trucks while operating via the removable platform control box.

Powered by four six-volt, 180 Ah marine-grade Trojan deep-cycle batteries, the IAWP-15 can perform more than 400 lift cycles or drive more than 5.5 miles, working well beyond typical single and double work shifts. A large LCD readout on the ground module provides system diagnostics and status.

Platform entry is achieved using a step 13.6 inches off the ground and then through a single swing gate. The unit is operated via one-hand proportional controls. Built-in tilt sensor, flashing light, and an audible alarm are standard features. A wheel-locking device allows driving forward/backward in a straight line. Dual platform decks extend without sacrificing any platform capacity.

The IAWP-15 features a 10 year warranty on the mast and cylinder, five years on all components, and one year on batteries. As with other Absolute E-Z Up models, the IAWP-15 uses biodegradable fluid, eliminating the need for lubricant or oil changes, and is painted using a powder coat painting process. 

Snorkel Pop-Up Products

Snorkel International, Elwood, Kan., announced at The Rental Show it is bringing the ultra compact Pop-Up aerial work platform to the U.S. market. The Pop-Up Products typically weigh less than 1,500 pounds, cost between $4,000 and $10,000, and are configured in push-around or self-propelled styles.

Low-level access products have compact dimensions and are used for interior construction and maintenance applications. Pop-Up’s range of push-around scissor lifts deliver the efficiency and safety benefits of aerial work platforms, into sectors that were previously reliant on scaffold towers and stepladders.

At The Rental Show, Snorkel exhibited the concept of low-level access machines to gauge customer feedback, which included a range of lightweight push-around scissor lifts with platform heights of 6, 8 and 10 feet; a self-propelled mini-scissor lift with a platform height of 10 feet; a 26-foot platform height push-around mast lift; and a self-propelled mast lift with a platform height of 20 feet.


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