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Magnetek, Inc. Introduces MagnePulse Digital Magnet Control

Magnetek, Inc. Introduces MagnePulse Digital Magnet Control

Magnetek, Inc., Menomonee Falls, Wis., has announced the introduction of its new MagnePulse digital magnet control (DMC) for the improved operation of DC industrial lifting magnets. MagnePulse DMC is a microprocessor-based, solid-state, DC-to-DC magnet control package built on the same platform as the company’s OmniPulse DDC drive. It combines advanced safety and performance features to improve productivity and reliability by providing precise digital control of magnet lift operations.  The system allows an operator to enable up to four unique magnets to match individual load requirements while reducing lifting current requirements, saving energy, lengthening magnet life, and increasing average lift capacity.

The MagnePulse DMC is designed for retrofit applications, using existing operator controls and connections. The manufacturer can design and build a DMC control panel to almost any specifications.

“We are very excited to add the MagnePulse DMC to our line of controls,” said Aaron Kureck, controls products and development engineering manager for Magnetek. “This product brings our advanced power technology to the operation of magnet cranes giving our customers flexible and efficient control of their magnet lifting operations.”


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