Magni Seeks Dealers on Western Coasts of U.S. and Canada | Construction News


Magni, an Italian manufacturer of telescopic handlers, has dealership opportunities available along the western Coasts of the United States and Canada.

Jorge Salas, Magni's managing director for the Americas, announced the dealership opportunities.

The Magni range includes traditional fixed-body telehandlers with maximum capacities from 22,000 lbs. to 99,000 lbs., and maximum lifting heights from 32’10” to 45’11”.

The company's three lines of rotating telehandlers include the Smart Range, whose four models have pivoting stabilizers, offer maximum capacities of 11,000 lbs., deliver maximum lifting heights from 59’0” to 82’0”.

Magni’s four Smart S Range rotating telehandler models have telescopic stabilizers, 11,000-lb. maximum capacity, and maximum lifting heights from 68’11” to 82’0”.

The third group of Magni rotating telehandlers, the S Range, uses telescopic stabilizers. The five models in this group have maximum capacities ranging from 11,000 lbs. to 13,000 lbs., and maximum lifting heights from 78’8” to 131’4”.

Potential dealers interested in West Coast territories for Magni products should contact Jorge Salas at:, or 786-340-6550.