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The Making of the Megaboom

The design and build of the Snorkel 2100SJ was as big of an undertaking as the Mega Boom itself. To reach an unprecedented working height of 216 ft. (66m) with industry-leading outreach of 115 ft. (31.5m), this telescopic boom required extensive research and development at every stage. Its engineering and production team, which also included welders, mechanics, assemblers, electricians and designers, created 3D printed prototypes to scale, manufactured durable steel parts, and carefully timed the assembly of each subsection. Boasting new innovations in safety and maneuverability, the 2100SJ is designed with a patented transform-in-place chassis that allows the large self-propelled boom lift to be easily transported on existing tractor trailers. A wireless handheld pendant enables remote machine control for safe loading and unloading. In line with the Snorkel legacy for equipment that is simple to use, the 2100SJ delivers seamless operation from a machine that reaches higher and farther than any other in its class. 


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