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Manitou Unveils Future Plans at Festival in Spain

The French equipment manufacturer Manitou Group is holding a totally new event with all its partners in Punta Umbria in the south of Spain from May 29 to June 1.

Called "The Festival," the event is bringing more than 1,000 guests from 80 countries together to discuss the Group's
outlook, and define how to "Grow Together." Attendees include customers, dealers, importers, suppliers, bankers, analysts, journalists, and other stakeholders.

"The diversity of the guests, the tone and style of this event make it the first of its kind, but the message is intended for everyone," says Jean-Christophe Giroux, president & CEO. "After three very difficult years, it's time to share our convictions and our view of the
future. We are proud of our material-handling reference mission, and want to encourage ALL our partners to embark upon a new stage of the adventure."

Giroux went on to say: "To 'Grow Together' is both an opportunity and a challenge, and all the actors in this big film need to be aware
of their respective roles. This 'Festival' aims to give us a real platform where we can exchange ideas and subscribe to a shared goal."

The festival includes the following events:
· A session to set the stage on vision, strategy, challenges. Members of the group's top management commit themselves;
· 14 conferences on specific subjects presented by the business experts;
· 21 round tables to allow guests to discuss their opinions on subjects of general interest;
· An exhibition area of 12,000 square meters (nearly three acres) to showcase solutions and brands based on the five corporate values: Leadership, Customer centricity, Anticipation, Difference, and Accountability
· "One-on-one meetings" with ComEx members for straightforward and frank interviews;
· A Supplier convention;
· A press conference;
· A machine show;
· And several convivial occasions when people can talk to each other in a free, informal way.

The reference to the movie industry underlines the plurality of genres and audiences, and the need to bring together talented and often unique people throughout the design, direction and production stages of a film.


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