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Manitowoc Crane CARE has added three modules to its E-Training program

Manitowoc Crane CARE has added three new modules to its popular E-Training program. Basic courses on mechanical systems, pneumatics, and AC/DC drives and motors are now available online. The three new offerings join the mobile hydraulic and mobile electric courses that were previously available.

John Alexander, Manitowoc Crane CARE's director of training and technical publications for the Americas region, said that all five of these basic courses will provide an excellent starting point for more crane-specific training in hands-on factory courses. The basic skills taught in these courses are applicable to all types of equipment • not just cranes.

“These E-Training courses are a cost-effective way of building basic knowledge,” he said. “When students attend our full factory-level course with this basic knowledge, our trainers can focus more on teaching with actual cranes, test benches and simulators rather than taking time to teach the basics of mechanical power transmission or pneumatics.”

The basic mechanical course will give students a broad-based view of the physics, schematics, and systems design associated with mechanical power transmission. Specific topics include linear actuators, clutches, brakes, bearings, gears, and drives.

The pneumatics course focuses on the basics associated with pneumatic and fluid power systems. Students will learn about compressors, air dryers, actuators, and airline conductors. They will see how air can transfer energy through vacuum, distribution, and directional controls.

The AC/DC drives and motors module will help students understand how electrical motors and drives work with each other, as well as other systems. Students will learn how to identify and calculate the speed, torque, and horsepower of a motor; how motors and drives operate; how to match system components to specific applications; and the safety considerations associated with operating electromechanical systems.

At the beginning of each 15-hour module, students are encouraged to take a pre-test to establish their base level of knowledge. Throughout the course, there are quizzes to check comprehension and a post-course test for certification. Students can complete the course at their convenience and can stop and start whenever necessary.

The fee for each of the five E-Training modules is $175. While these are currently available in English, additional versions in Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, Italian, and Chinese will be available soon. Anyone can sign-up for these courses, and prospective students may register by visiting the Crane CARE website.


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