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Manulift Offers Merlo Panoramic 25.6L in Canada

Manulift Offers Merlo Panoramic 25.6L in Canada

Designed and developed to allow greater accessibility to buildings while maintaining the 360° visibility, the Merlo Panoramic P25.6 L will soon revolutionize the compact telehandler industry in Canada. The low-profile version is only 5’9" tall but maintains the load capacity and performance from the P25.6.


With its compact size, its 5,510-pound lifting capacity and its 20-foot boom, the unit is ideal for the agricultural trade, construction contractors, or demolition industyr. Due to its small height and front reach, it can enter a building and gain access to restricted areas.


The new P25.6 L is available in Canada, and the first units will be in action this spring. Manulift EMI, with branches in Toronto, Montreal, Quebec City and Alberta, is the Canadian importer of Merlo products.


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