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MeVEA to Deliver Crane Training Simulator

MeVEA Ltd. of Finland and Forssa Finland Adult Education Center (Faktia) have signed a contract for MeVEA to deliver a crane simulator to provide training and education at Faktia. The simulator is designed, developed and manufactured in co-operation with the training center and will be delivered by the end of 2010.

A construction simulation environment, which can be used for both mobile and tower crane operator training, will be developed. The training simulator reflects features of a real crane and offers an interactive and versatile training environment. The simulator is designed to enable basic training as well as advanced training with difficult and dangerous situations, and can imitate weather conditions such as wind and rain. One of the main advantages of a simulator is that the trainee can be tested without the risk of personnel or machinery damages. The simulator will include large LCD screens, a touch screen, a surround-sound system, an electric motion platform, and software that is based on real-time simulation of dynamics.

"In the training session the operator is put to a real working environment where he will experience a realistic view of the scenery, he will hear the noises of the crane, feel the movement and control the crane with real joysticks." says Tero Eskola, managing director of MeVEA. “The goal is to create conditions to make training simulator use an integral part of the crane industry’s education."


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