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Miller EnPak Saves Service Trucks Fuel

Appleton, Wis.-based Miller Electric Mfg. recently launched its new EnPak Mechanic Series in March. The EnPak offers an innovative way to power a service truck’s tools—crane, compressor, welder and generator—using up to 30 percent less fuel. EnPak can power all of these components with a 27-hp Kubota diesel engine, instead of a 300-hp truck engine, power take-off (PTO) and pump.

QT Equipment, Akron, Ohio, is one of the few EnPak distributors in the country and has put the first two units off the assembly line into the field-service fleet of a large highway contractor. The setup was a GMC 5500 chassis with a Dominator I body and 3820 telescopic crane, both manufactured by Iowa Mold Tooling, Garner, Iowa.

“For decades, the PTO provision has been the standard way to generate power on the jobsite,” said Doug Root, owner of QT Equipment, an IMT distributor that was key in providing consultative assistance during the development stages of the new product. “With fuel-cost uncertainty and the constant push to become more environmentally friendly, the market is ready for a more efficient way to run a mechanics truck.”

The goal for Miller Electric Mfg. Co. was to create a fuel-efficient product in a single unit that was capable of producing electric power, hydraulic power and compressed air for use on service trucks. The product needed to deliver similar results with a comparable price-point as current PTO-driven equipment. The product also needed to be compact enough to be installed easily on service trucks.

“EnPak’s fuel efficiency is by far its crowning achievement,” Root said. “EnPak operates on a fraction of the fuel used by a truck’s engine, and initial tests show a savings of up to 30 percent. This alone will save thousands of dollars in fuel costs over the life of the unit. Also, with the truck’s engine off during equipment operating time, engine and transmission hours are reduced significantly, extending truck engine life.”

To power a hydraulic telescopic crane, EnPak has an Eaton variable displacement pump that delivers 8.5 gallons per minute at 3000 psi. This is similar to the performance of a PTO and pump setup and is enough to operate a 60,000 foot-pound crane such as the IMT 6025 with a maximum lift of 10,500 pounds. EnPak integrates with the IMT wiring harness and crane controls, so operators will feel comfortable with the setup they are used to.

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