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Mobile Industries Introduces New Semi-Electric Pallet Truck

Mobile Industries, Mississauga Ontario, has added the ESET33 to its line of ergonomic semi-electric pallet trucks. Capable of handling loads up to 3,300 pounds, the ESET33 features an electric battery powered drive system for forward and reverse operation.

Targeted for use in confined areas, narrow aisles and on trucks and trailers, the ESET33 operates at 2.8 mph fully loaded and 3 mph when unloaded. When the ESET33’s throttle is released, the unit brakes automatically. The handle allows operation in the centered position and comes to a permanent stop when located 20 degrees off the vertical or horizontal position.

The manual pump features an ergonomic, cushioned control handle that raises the load to full height with five cycles. Handle controls include a 180° steering pivot feature, forward and reverse buttons, and a “dead man” feature to stop unwanted reverse movement in confined spaces.

The unit’s on board 24V battery pack and charger can operate for a standard eight-hour shift and can be charged overnight using a 110V outlet.

Fork options include 48-inch fork length with 20.5-inch and 27-inch fork widths available. The ESET33 lists at $3098.25.


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