Morrow Makes Liebherr 81K Self Erector Available in North America | Daily Construction News

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Morrow, Salem, Ore., introduces the Liebherr 81 K self-erecting crane to the North American market. For sale or for lease, building contractors, material handlers, and manufacturers will benefit from the 81K’s ease to use, enhanced lifting capacities, and over‐all versatility. Designed for a variety of job requirements, the 81K adapts to the needs of the user and to the task at hand. The Liebherr 81K represents a natural evolution of the self‐erecting crane. Originally introduced at CONEXPO 2011, the 81K has became an industry standard because of its exceptional adaptability and efficiency.


The Liebherr 81K employs true two-­line operation for maximum capacity at full line speed. In comparison with series predecessors, the 81K has 25% more lifting capacity. It has simple scaling, load swing dampening, easy transport, fast climbing, variable frequency drives, and wind load control, as well as an updated PLC system for precision control of crane functions.


Liebherr 81K performance data

Max. hook height: up to 132.5 feet

Hook height at 30° jib angle: up to 180 feet

Working radius: 101.7 / 121.4 / 137.8 / 147.6 feet

Working radius with jib at 30°: 86.9 / 104 / 118.1 / 126.6 ft

Load capacity at 147.6 ft working radius: 3,090 lbs

Load capacity at 137.8 ft working radius: 3,640 lbs

Load capacity at 121.4 ft working radius: 4,740 lbs

Load capacity at 101.7 ft working radius: 6,390 lbs.

Max. load capacity: 13,230 lbs