MSA’s Evotech Full-Body Harness Offers Improved Comfort, Ease of Use


The Evotech™ full-body harness from MSA, Pittsburgh, Pa., offers advanced design features that improve user comfort, ease of use, durability, and user safety, according to the manufacturer. The harness is RFID enabled, according to the manufacturer, offering the Field ID Safety Network with Field ID access to provide a reliable, on-line inspection and safety compliance (ISCM) management system. The harness meets OSHA, ANSI Z359.1/ANSI A10.32, and CSA standards. The Evotech harness features reflective piping integrated into the webbing to increase visibility in low-light environments. It is available with a Suspension Trauma Safety Step, designed to prevent suspension trauma, as well as a Medical ID kit which provides vital medical information to potential rescuers/emergency personnel in the event of medical emergencies.