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Multi-Tasking Forklift Crane Introduced by Air Technical Industries

Air Technical Industries, Mentor, Ohio, has announced its new, convertible Jib-Master Forklift Crane. It can be used as a forklift crane for lifting large parts or bundles of long material and has an optional personnel basket. The crane can be converted into a pedestal mount for fixed installation as a workstation crane. Also, the Jib-Master can be mounted it on a truck for field work.

The model JB-4R has powered articulating mast rotation, hydraulic boom lift, and powered hydraulic telescopic boom with a retracted capacity of 3000 pounds capacity and extended capacity of 2000 pounds. It can lift up to 144 inches plus the height of fork truck lift. The unit is self-contained and battery powered with a 12 V or 24 V DC included battery. It also features a pushbutton remote control. Available options include a personnel basket to lift a person over obstacles and into hard to reach places for maintenance or assembly work. With the optional pedestal base, the unit can be mounted in a fixed location in the plant or it can be installed on a truck for field work.

These unique options and configurations make the Jib-Master a versatile piece of equipment for many applications. It can be used for bulk handling, handling long structural or roll items, maintenance work with the personnel basket, assembly work, or used as all-around crane for lifting, handling, and transporting large parts or other miscellaneous items.

Several models are available. JB-1 features a fixed horizontal, manual telescopic boom for lifting and carrying long tubular items or long rolls of material with a forklift. JB-2 has a manually adjustable boom angle for lifting higher, taller items with a forklift. It also features a manual telescopic boom. JB-4 has a powered hydraulic boom lift and powered telescopic boom action for straight up and down lifting without rotation. JB-4R has powered hydraulic boom lift, powered telescopic boom action, and also features powered rotation allowing up to 150° when installed on a forklift and full 360° rotation when mounted on a truck or pedestal base.

The battery-powered unit is totally self-contained with batteries included. All units are built of heavy-duty welded steel construction for hard industrial use.


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