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NA 2010 will Address the Global Supply Chain, Retail Distribution, Workforce Training and Sustainability

When the North American Material Handling & Logistics Show (NA 2010) opens on April 26 it will include more than 400 exhibits and an educational conference featuring a Keynote Seminar Series on The Future Track and the first-of-its-kind Supply Chain Summit. In addition, 50 educational sessions will outline leading trends, best practices and state-of-the-art equipment and technology solutions that can make manufacturing and the entire supply chain work more productively and profitably.

NA 2010 Keynote Seminar Series will address the future track for manufacturing and distribution. The manufacturing and distribution industry is facing many challenges impacting the future success of supply chains across the globe. The seminar series will provide an in-depth look at the future of supply chain sustainability, training/education, workforce, and retail distribution.

NA 2010 Supply Chain Summit ill discuss the leading supply chain models of the future. This first-of-its-kind event brings together four distinct views of the supply chain: industry, the military, universities and government, providing insight into their cutting-edge supply chains and how these models will mold and shape leading supply chains of the future. The summit will examine the impact of these supply chain shifts on successful supply chain planning today and in the future.

In addition to the keynote, NA 2010, sponsored by Material Handling Industry of America (MHIA), will feature 50 solution-focused educational seminars hosted by industry experts and conducted in specially designed theaters right on the show floor.


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