NCCER Offers Language Training Facilitator Classes

The National Center for Construction Education and Research (NCCER), Gainesville, Fla., will offer the first Language Training Facilitator class for its Online Instructional Language Series at 2 p.m. EST on April 7, 2009.

Language Training Facilitator (LTF) classes will be conducted the first Tuesday of every month online and will last one to two hours. The LTF is a key component of Construction English for the Spanish Speaker, a series of courses created to provide Spanish-speaking employees the necessary language skills to communicate safely on the jobsite.

The role of the LTF includes teaching basic computer and internet skills, navigating the course, and monitoring progress for Spanish-speaking participants enrolled in the Construction English for the Spanish Speaker courses. LTF must be fluent in both Spanish and English.

NCCER’s Online Instructional Language Series consists of a two-part series to address the language challenges facing the construction industry. Construction English for the Spanish Speaker is a series of five courses that provide a practical tool for Spanish speaking to perform and communicate safely on the jobsite. Courses include Introduction to Construction English I-II, Intermediate Construction English I-II, and Advanced Construction English. The second series, Construction Spanish for the English Speaker, provides Spanish language skills to English-speaking employees.

All courses are highly graphic and interactive to hold the individual’s attention and include practical exercises, exams, and benchmarks to measure progress. Participants can log in anytime and anywhere there is internet access.

The Online Instructional Language Series is a partnership between NCCER and constructNet International of Phoenix, Ariz. To register for the next or upcoming LTF classes or to view a course demo, visit For more information on the Online Instructional Language Series, contact NCCER customer service at (888) 622-3720.


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