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NCCER/NACB Sets Dates for Crane Practical Examiner Training Program

To keep costs down, employers are looking to their own staff members to administer practical examinations to potential mobile crane operators. NCCER/NACB’s nationally accredited crane operator certification program provides a mechanism for employers to have a practical examiner on staff. The NCCER/NACB Crane Practical Examiner program is designed—and necessary—for practical examiners to become trained to perform NCCER/NACB’s mobile crane operator certification.

Through the one-day program, students will receive instruction in how to perform the practical examination using the course layout. The special training session covers practical exam administration according to NCCER program standards. Training topics include evaluation methods and procedures, pre-operational inspection requirements, crane travel requirements, crane setup requirements, target and slalom course layouts, operation requirements, shutdown procedures, practical evaluation site safety, and examination security and processing.

If the student does not currently hold the “master trainer” status through NCCER, time also is set aside to provide the student training in NCCER Module 1 ”Introduction to NCCER Training” and Module 9 “Evaluation Techniques.”

NCCER/NACB has five classes scheduled for this special training program: July 30, Sept. 3, Sept. 15, Nov. 24, and Dec. 10. The classes will be located in Orlando, Fla., or Houston, Texas, depending on the date, and the $350 course also includes a Crane Practical Examiner manual.


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