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NER Warns of Scissor Lift Control Box Thefts

The National Equipment Register (NER) recently issued an advisory regarding recent thefts of scissor lift control boxes in Southern California. The California Rental Association and the American Rental association forwarded NER an alert on 15 incidents of this type of theft.

Individuals have entered area rental facility yards, both at night and during operating hours, and removed the scissor lift operator control boxes, which are hung from the railings on the machine's lift platform. The devices are used to operate the machine from the lift platform via a joystick and switches, and are valued at $1,400 each. A quick-connect electrical fitting allows the device to be removed in seconds.

Subjects were able to enter a yard, remove the device and leave in less than a minute. NER has alerted law enforcement about the thefts. NER advises rental yards not to leave the devices on scissor lifts and said that rental customers should remove the devices if machines on jobsites are easily accessible.



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