Networkfleet Announces New Sensor Functionality for Improved Fleet Management

San Diego, Calif.-based Networkfleet, a leader in wireless fleet management, has announced the availability of new sensor functionality to help fleets increase operating efficiency and asset utilization. Consisting of the Sensor Expansion Module (SEM) hardware device combined with software reporting, the new functionality gives fleet managers access to more vehicle diagnostic data.

The SEM detects voltage events from any vehicle, including trucks, cranes and forklifts, such as power take off (PTO) engagement/ disengagement, secondary engine on/off, and door open/close. Users get detailed reports on sensor activity showing both the duration of events as well as the location of where those events took place.

The new sensor provides additional information that can be useful to a variety of commercial and government fleets. This information, together with GPS location and engine diagnostics already provided by the Networkfleet 3500, will allow them to further improve operating efficiency and lower costs.

“At Networkfleet, we continue to expand the functionality of our fleet application based on feedback from our large customer base,” said Keith Schneider, president of Networkfleet. “Sensors are an extension of our advanced diagnostic capabilities that provide fleet managers with data they can use to improve efficiency and reduce operating costs.”

Innovative in both design and functionality, the Sensor Expansion Module (SEM) is backwards compatible with all 3500 hardware and connects directly between the 3500 device and its harness. Like all other Networkfleet products, the SEM is manufactured in the U.S. and built with automotive grade components designed for environmental and automotive robustness.


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