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New Deutz Telematics System Allows Worldwide Machine Monitoring

DEUTZ AG, Cologne, Germany, has developed its own telemetry system for industrial engines, which allows constant and reliable evaluation of engine and machinery conditions in real time using key engine data such as coolant, oil and fuel levels, which are transmitted to a central server.

The data can be read and evaluated on any internet-enabled computer from anywhere in the world. Deutz Telematics also works bi-directionally, so that it can provide remote access to defined functions as well as analyzing and monitoring the machine.

The system also features geo-fencing theft protection. An internet interface enables users to stipulate the operating range of their machinery. If the limit is exceeded, a warning signal is emitted or a text message is sent to the owner.

By constantly monitoring the capacity utilization and availability of their engines and machinery, customers are able to identify excess capacities and improve the efficiency of their vehicle fleets. Deutz Telematics can also optimize the entire scheduling process because positional data and the equipment's status are available to the user at all times. Furthermore, downtime can be reduced because the system sends timely information in the event of error messages.

Deutz Telematics also offers advantages where maintenance needs to be undertaken. Because the condition of the engine or machinery is known at all times, the maintenance can be better planned and adjusted to suit individual usage requirements.

Deutz Telematics is easy to install, consists of only a few components and can be flexibly adapted to meet customers' needs. It is also compatible with non-Deutz engines. The Deutz Telematics controller that receives positional data via a Global Positioning System (GPS) is attached to the engine.

Using a Controller Area Network (CAN) bus or digital/analogue inputs, the controller records engine data such as speed, operating hours and oil or fuel levels and transmits it at freely configurable intervals by Global Packet Radio Service (GPRS) to a central server. The server receives the engine data and prepares it for internet access.

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