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New Electrolyte Sensor Valve Simplifies Battery Watering | Construction News

New Electrolyte Sensor Valve Simplifies Battery Watering | Construction News

The new Sense Smart Electrolyte Sensor Valve from U.S. Battery is a single replacement valve with a built-in probe and an LED indicator that lets operators know when a set of batteries needs watering.

The flooded lead-acid batteries used in access lifts, forklifts, golf cars, cleaning machines, and many other vehicles lose water from normal evaporation and charging. Installing a Sense Smart electrolyte sensor valve into one battery in a vehicle's set can monitor the electrolyte levels of the entire pack.

"Many industries have switched to battery powered vehicles for their fleets, and know that flooded lead-acid batteries are the most cost effective method to power them," says Don Wallace, U.S. Battery CMO and executive vice president. "The problem is providing proper maintenance to all those batteries can be overwhelming and time consuming. The Sense Smart valve takes the guesswork out of battery watering maintenance, which when done routinely, can dramatically improve battery life, save time, and substantially reduce annual operating costs."

The Sense Smart valve is the only one of its kind with a built-in processor and probe that triggers an LED indicator light mounted to the battery pack to tell operators if the battery set needs water.

A solid green light indicates the electrolyte level of the set is okay. A solid red light tells operators to add water after the next full-charge. A blinking red light indicates the electrolyte level has been low for more than 10 days and requires immediate attention.

The Sense Smart electrolyte sensor valve (TBU 1000) simply replaces one cell vent cap on a single battery of a connected battery set, and doesn't require drilling or calibration. An optional system (TBU 2000) includes a dash-mounted LED indicator with a 6-ft. wire lead.

Manufactured by Battery Watering Technologies, and distributed exclusively through U.S. Battery Manufacturing, the Sense Smart valve fits a variety of 6-, 8-, and 12-volt batteries and works with all BWT single-point watering systems.


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