New Generation Teupen Lift Maximizes Versatility

Teupen America, Reading, Mass., announces the setup of what it calls the first true hybrid 100-foot reach truck mounted/removable self-propelled aerial lift, with Weston Arborists located in Weston, Conn. This new system, the LEO 30T, allows the contractor to operate the lift directly from the truck chassis, like a normal truck-mounted lift. It also allows the operator to easily remove the lift by simply releasing two binder chains.

Oversize outriggers allow the lift to self load/unload in minutes. The lift can then be driven with wireless remote controls to any location that is 62 inches wide, up steps, and through mud and snow. The lift can set up on steep slopes and can even set up outriggers on 3-foot walls. The ability to have 100 feet of reach on an under CDL chassis, combined with the ability to easily unload lift and drive lift indoors or through narrow gates, increase the machine's versatility. There is no need for expensive trucks or special licenses. This versatile system has proven to be a popular model in Europe, according to the company.

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