New Genie App Uses Live Video to Help Experts Troubleshoot Remotely | Construction News


The key to any aerial rental business’ success is keeping equipment ready to work. Using Genie's Tech Sight application, the Genie technical services and support team can now use online video guidance to help troubleshoot technical issues in the field.

The app lets Genie engage in “live” interactions with field service technicians using video-enabled mobile devices, including smartphones and tablets that run on the  Android or Apple (iPhone and iPad) systems.

When a rental store service tech needs assistance while working in the field, he or she can use the new app's video call feature to connect with the Genie technical service and support team. The app's visual component lets rental store service tech to share what he or she sees, so the Genie team can interpret and explain what is going on based what is happening on the screen.

“The Genie Tech Sight app puts real-time field service support in the palm of a field service tech’s hand, providing the technical support they need when they need it,” says Bob Bartley, Genie senior director of product support and reconditioning, Terex AWP. “Using this app gives Genie technical experts the ability to quickly handle and resolve issues customers are experiencing in the field. It integrates customer service, field service, customer support and video calls all into one.”

Here’s how the new service support app from Genie works:

The tech connects with a Genie technical services and support expert by phone, then initiates the app and points the camera at the issue.

The tech then chats with a Genie expert to troubleshoot the issue, using the mobile device’s display as a viewfinder.

The tech can pause the video to highlight the issue and follow the Genie expert’s guidance on how to resolve it.

“With our ability to offer 24/7 technical support online or by phone — and now with the Genie Tech Sight app,” says Bartley, “we can help keep our customers’ fleets up and running, meeting the demands at jobsites and building their rental return on investment (rROIC).”