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New Genie Booms Feature Four-Point Track System

Redmond, Wash.-based Genie has released more details on the S-60 and S-65 Trax models, the latest additions to its telescopic boom family. The new Trax booms, which will be unveiled next week at The Rental Show, feature a four-point track system that allows contractors to work any time of the year, enhancing traction for travel in many types of difficult terrain. This introduction expands Genie's telescopic boom product offering to include the new Trax models as well as an aftermarket tracks option for wheeled units.

The new S-60 and S-65 Trax models are manufactured with a four-point track system permanently “fixed” or attached to the machine. Genie's fixed-track booms are designed with a narrower profile of 8'6” wide to allow these booms to be transported throughout the U.S. without requiring special oversize load permits or limitations on evening and weekend transport. The Trax models are designed with an inside turning radius of 11 feet and an outside turning radius of 21 feet. And because the boom steers like a wheeled unit, operators can drive these machines on and off the delivery trailer, as well as maneuver in close proximity to walls and foundations. The Trax booms have a travel speed of 2.7 mph.

“Track booms are ideal for working year-round by enhancing traction for travel in muddy, soft-soil, sandy, snowy and wet ground conditions,” said Phil Harvey, product manager, Genie Industries. “And, they can also easily travel over harder surfaces like gravel, rock, concrete and asphalt, and sensitive turf. A four-point track system offers the increased traction and flotation as two-track units with excellent terrain tracking, machine handling and operator comfort. Our track booms can drive through many places previously inaccessible even with rough-terrain tires.”

Each track in the four-point system is made of durable, steel-reinforced rubber and measures 17 inches wide and 40 inches long, with each carriage assembly weighing 1,100 pounds. With a ground contact pressure of 9.2 psi for the S-60 and the 9.7 psi for the S-65, the track system leaves a minimal impression on sensitive surfaces. During travel, each track flexes 23 up and down to accommodate the contour of the landscape for a smooth ride during operation and travel. The track system works in conjunction with Genie's active oscillation axle system, which senses the terrain and adjusts the axle position based on ground conditions, and positive traction drive system, which maintains equal power to all tracks even if one track loses traction. Combined, these features give the track booms the ability to smoothly travel over difficult terrain conditions.

To maximize usage of its wheeled models, Genie continues to approve Loegering's Quad Track System (QTS) as an aftermarket option for the S-60 and S-65 telescopic booms, as well as the Z-60/34 articulating model. This interchangeable, track system is a set of four track undercarriages that fastens directly onto a boom's standard wheel hubs in place of the tires. With this option, Genie customers have the flexibility to simply bolt on the tracks when needed and switch back to the traditional wheeled machine configuration when tracks are not needed. The entire system can be put on or taken off the booms in less than four hours. The addition of this option increases the machine width to 107 inches, which may require special oversized load transport permits.

Both the S-60 fixed and flexible track models offer 500-pound lift capacity at the maximum horizontal outreach of 50'10” in up to a working height of 66 feet. The S-65 models provide a 500-pound lift capacity at the maximum horizontal outreach of 56'2” in to a working height of 71 feet.

The Genie fixed and flexible track booms are designed for increased uptime. The undercarriages are constructed out of high-grade steel and feature fully-sealed, greaseless bearings for minimum maintenance. The track system also features an easy-grease tensioning system for fast, reliable track adjustment. And, to limit the amount of debris buildup during operation, V-shaped, self-cleaning pads are incorporated into the track design.

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