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New Kohler Diesels Meet Tier 4 Final Standards without Particulate Filter | Daily Construction News

New Kohler Diesels Meet Tier 4 Final Standards without Particulate Filter | Daily Construction News

Kohler Engines, Kohler, Wis., is now producing two new heavy-duty diesel engines that meet the federal EPA Tier 4 Final emission standards without using a diesel particulate filter (DPF) or urea in the exhaust (SCR).


Designed for use in mobile construction and material-handling equipment like telehandlers and straight-masted forklifts, the 56-hp. KDI1903TCR and the 74.3-hp. KDI2504TCR engines offer optimized fuel consumption, limited emissions, and high performance.


Both of the new engines are “clean sheet designs,” created new from scratch. Kohler displayed both new models in its exhibit at The Rental Show in Las Vegas. In an interview at the show, product manager Jeff Wilke said that the new engines meet the Tier 4 Final regulation by using a combination of efficient combustion, cooled exhaust-gas recirculation (EGR), and a diesel oxygenated catalyst (DOC). A DOC is a compact device that passively cleans particulate from the exhaust without using fuel dosing or needing regeneration.


Wilke said that the new engines’ high power output and compact size, or “power density,” make them ideal for equipment that has limited space for an engine compartment.


The clean-running new engines burn fuel efficiently, thanks to Kohler’s high-pressure common-rail injection system, which feeds fuel into the cylinders at 29,000 psi. The high pressure system and Kohler’s fuel mapping system atomize the fuel better for more effective combustion, better fuel economy, and fewer emission particulates. The electronic fuel controller injects fuel multiple times during the combustion cycle to maximize torque and power when they’re needed most.


Though stingy with fuel, both of the new engines put out plenty of power. The 1.9-liter KDI1903TCR develops 56 hp. at 2600 rpm. and delivers 166 ft. lbs. of torque at 1500 rpm. The 2.5-liter KDI2504TCR put out 74.3 hp. at 2600 rpm. and 221.3 ft. lbs. of torque at 1500 rpm.


Other features of the new diesel engines include less noise and vibration making them Kohler’s quietest diesels.


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