New Safety Harnesses Help Prevent Suspension Trauma | Construction News

New Safety Harnesses Help Prevent Suspension Trauma | Construction News
New Safety Harnesses Help Prevent Suspension Trauma | Construction News
New Safety Harnesses Help Prevent Suspension Trauma | Construction News

Werner, a trusted leader in climbing products and fall-protection equipment, has developed breakthrough products to protect workers in high-risk environments from falls and fall-related injuries.

The company's new ProForm F3 Harnesses feature a patented relief cord that lets the user relieve possibly deadly pressure on femoral arteries and pressure on the clavicle, typically caused by harness straps while the wearer is suspended after a fall.

No other harness on the market provides immediate post-fall relief.

A worker wearing a Werner ProForm F3 harness can simply pull the patented relief cords to adjust the built-in seat and reach the ‘Gravity Override’ position, reducing the potential hazards of suspension trauma.

“As a company that designs equipment for professionals on high-risk job sites, safety is our number one priority,” said Eric Miller, group product manager at Werner. “The most demanding job sites often require professional workers to put themselves in dangerous situations and we know there’s even more at stake than the fall itself. This is why we are especially proud to unveil the Werner ProForm F3 harnesses.”

ProForm harnesses are not only designed for post-fall functionality, but also deliver greater comfort and performance for strenuous work environments. Built-in features like the dual back pad, self-retracting-lanyard bumper and gear loops keep professionals functioning with maximum comfort and productivity on the job site.

ProForm F3 harnesses are constructed with lightweight materials and breathable padding, and are designed for maximum freedom of movement.

ProForm F3 Harnesses are available in four styles: Standard Harness Tongue Buckle Legs; Standard Harness Quick Connect Legs; Construction Harness Tongue Buckle Legs; and Construction Harness Quick Connect Legs. Features include:

Built-in relief cords provide immediate relief after a fall, allowing the user to reach a gravity override seated position.

Dual back pads provide cooling airflow and can be repositioned after a fall to reduce pressure on the clavicle.

New WebAlert2 inspectable webbing makes wear or damage clearly visible and has weather-resistant coating.

The durable label pack protects product labels from weather and allows personalization.

The SRL bumper protects the lower back from frequent and nuisance contact.

The aluminum cam torso makes adjustment easy, and aluminum quick-connect buckles have a green indicator that confirms proper engagement.

Innovative roll-down torso web keepers conveniently store excess webbing.


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