New Training Course Released for Lift Directors

In an effort to provide the training necessary for lift directors to meet ASME B30.5-2007 requirements, Industrial Training International Inc. (ITI) launched in 2009 a new Mobile Crane Lift Director and Site Supervisor training course. The first class was held in March at the company’s facility in Woodland, Wash. Other programs are scheduled for Aug. 25 and Oct. 7, 2009.

The one-day class covers lift site preparation, traffic control, load chart confirmation, hazard recognition, multiple crane lifts, and pick-and-carry operations. Lifting personnel and the responsibilities of the operator, rigger, and signaler are also reviewed. The hands-on portion of the course features a series of mobile crane lift activities with participants serving in the roles of lift director, site supervisor, crane owner, crane users, or crane operator. This program is followed by a two-day Critical Lift Planning course, as a natural next step for Lift Director participants.

An additional tool available from the Training and Inspection Resource Center (TIRC) is a new laminated field reference card, which identifies the responsibilities of the lift director, site supervisor, crane owner, crane user, and crane operator, as described in ASME B30.5. TIRC is an affiliate company of ITI.