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Next Generation Material Lift Debuted at The Rental Show

Next Generation Material Lift Debuted at The Rental Show

The MLC Construction Pro Series from LiftSmart, Oceanside, Calif., is the next generation of material lifts. Although this product class has a long history in the construction, industrial, and rental markets, the company has taken the design forward, offering better load capacities, dual handles, and a shift-on-the-fly, two-speed winch that will raise the load faster.

The MLC Series comprises three models: the MLC-12, MLC-18, and MLC-24, with lift heights ranging from 13'3", 18'6", and 24'4", respectively. When stowed, all three units measure 7'2.75" in height and 2'8" long. The MLC-12 weighs 236 pounds, the MLC-18 weighs 315 pounds, and the MLC-24 weighs 359 pounds. Depending on the load center, the maximum load capacity ranges from 175 to 800 pounds.

The MLC Series can roll through a single-wide door, and the dual-height handles at the top of the mast help move the machine when it is tilted. Other unique features include the Smart-Set pin-less height adjustment system for the steering and loading wheels, and foot clearance between the rear transport wheels, which the company calls Clear-Path. Options include adjustable and non-marking forks, fork extensions, load platform, pipe cradles, stabilizers, and a mast brake.

Speaking with Steve Citron, managing director of LiftSmart, last week at The Rental Show, he explained the company's philosophy is to incorporate U.S.-made components to do its part in improving the American economy. When he had the choice between a U.S-made component and a product made overseas, he selected the American part. From a cost perspective, the American-made product cost only slightly more and often was a more robust item, he said. He pointed out in particular the American-made construction-grade, cast metal cable pulleys and the Colson Performa non-marking casters, which are expected to provide superior durability and extend service life.

The MLC Construction Pro Series is manufactured in the United States.


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