Niftylift Goes Green with the SP64 Hybrid AWD Boom Lift


Described as the “template for the future of hydraulic work platform designs,” Niftylift has introduced the SP64 Height Rider hybrid all-wheel-drive aerial work platform, which features a versatile, compact, low-weight design, advanced power-source technology, and versatility. The SP64 Hydrid AWD has a two-person work platform that reaches a platform height of 62 feet and 41’4” of outreach. Weighing 13,900 pounds, the machine is lightweight, making it more transportable and reduces running costs.

A key component of the SP64 Hybrid is its hydrid power system. When running on its electric motors, the SP64 Hybrid AWD becomes a zero emission machine that can work inside or outside in any environment. While on diesel power, the hybrid power system allows the electric motor to automatically assist the diesel engine when required, such as when climbing a steep slope, to boost the overall power. At all other times, the electric motor channels the excess power from the diesel engine back to the batteries, storing it for when it is most needed.

The hybrid technology means that the machine can use a much smaller diesel engine—it employs an 18-hp Kubota 722 engine—than would otherwise be required. It also reduces fuel consumption, averaging a savings of 1/8 gallon per hour; therefore, greatly reducing operating costs. And due to its efficient design, the diesel re-gen feature can actually charge the batteries up to twice as fast as standard 110V power, so the SP64 Hybrid AWD can fully re-charge itself in just four hours. The SP64 Hybrid can potentially work 24 hours a day, using the electric motor to work quietly at night and then re-charge during the day-shift while running on diesel. The SP64 Hybrid also is one of the first machines of its kind to offer an advanced exhaust purification system, reducing CO/NOx, particulates, and noise emissions.

During operation, the SP64 Hybrid’s AWD system maximizes traction and drive by automatically choosing which drive configuration best suits the task. When travelling on flat or level ground the SP64 AWD works in two-wheel-drive to maximize drive and travel speed. If the unit detects a steep slope or rough terrain, it automatically switches to four-wheel-drive for greater traction. No operator intervention is required.

ToughCage Technology

The SP64 Hybrid AWD also incorporates Niftylift’s new ToughCage technology. Its impact-resistant composite base and larger cross-section steel cage give extra strength and durability to protect the operator and reduce the risk of damage to the cage. As well as resisting damage, the ToughCage absorbs much of the force of an impact, which prevents damage to the boom. Should damage occur, the rails can be replaced separately for a fast low cost repair.

Another key feature if the new SiOPS safety system integral to the cage to help prevent sustained involuntary operation of the controls if the operator should become trapped between an overhead obstacle and the machine’s active controls. The SiOPS control panel is equipped to detect any significant load on the platform controls or console. If a load is detected, the machine will shut down, and the foot pedal and enable button will deactivate. The SiOPS provides the operator with time to consider how to respond safely and recover quickly.