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NJATC Selects Etcetera Edutainment to Provide Electrical Safety Training

Etcetera Edutainment Inc. (EE), Pittsburgh, Pa., has been selected by the National Joint Apprenticeship Committee (NJATC) program for the electrical industry as a training partner in their industry-leading blended learning program.

The first of EE's offerings to be incorporated into the NJATC's program is the Electrical Safety Simulator Low Voltage, a game-based simulation training solution that allows learners to experience real-world situations and practice the application of electrical safety principles and processes in a virtual, risk-free environment. Electrical workers in the United States experience one fatality and fifteen arc-flash incidents resulting in burn injuries; more than 50 percent of these incidents involve equipment operating at less than 600 volts. The purpose of EE's program is to drastically reduce these numbers by helping workers develop safer work habits.

“Our goals are very much in sync as we also want to prepare the workforce for the future, and save lives through providing the kind of training that makes a lasting and positive impression, where virtual experiences can be carried into real-world practice,” said Jessica Trybus, founder and CEO of EE.

EE's Low Voltage simulator is OSHA and National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 70E compliant, with all arc-flash calculations based on IEEE 1584 Standard. The NJATC envisions this highly effective training program being used to train journeymen, apprentices, construction wiremen/electricians and signatory contractors. 

“Etcetera Edutainment's Low Voltage Simulator takes electrical safety to a new level,” said Palmer Hickman, NJATC director of codes and standards. “The program provides the user with the unique ability to incorporate standards-based knowledge with the simulated task-based environment. The worker is empowered to make his or her own decisions and get immediate feedback on the outcome.”


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