NOSHOK Offers Mechanical Pressure Switches

Berea, Ohio-based NOSHOK offers a variety of mechanical pressure switches, engineered to provide quality, durability and accuracy at a cost-effective price.

The 100 Series Mechanical Pressure Switch is constructed of a solid one-piece housing. The switch is highly durable for use in the most rugged applications, and its compact design allows installation where space is limited. Utilizing a proven diaphragm-type sensing element, the 100 Series Switch has an external adjustment screw for ease of setting the switching point on-site. Special versions are available with the alternate diaphragm, housing and contact materials to meet a variety of applications.

The company’s 200 Series Mechanical Pressure Switches offer maximum versatility, with a variety of pressure ranges available with either normally open or normally closed contacts. The switch features an external adjustment screw for on-site setting of the switch point, and is available with a rubber cover to protect it from tampering or adverse environmental conditions. It operates using a high-quality diaphragm or piston element to open or close a micro-switch. A built-in mechanical overload stop protects the spring and micro-switch from damage caused by over-pressure. The series is also available with stainless steel or brass housing; EPDM, Viton

or PTFE elastomers and gold contacts for low switching currents.

The NOSHOK 300 Series Mechanical Pressure Switch is constructed with a durable thermoplastic housing and zinc-plated steel process connection. Utilizing a proven diaphragm or piston-type sensing technology, it is a highly reliable, accurate and affordable switch for many applications. The micro switch contacts are silver-plated for extended service life and exceptional reliability. Switching function is an SPDT single changeover contact, and is field adjustable while under pressure.

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