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Odyne's Export Power System May Replace Generators on Trucks | Construction News

Odyne Systems LLC, Waukesha, Wis., says its new export power system for trucks may eliminate the need to have an onboard generator or to haul a tow-behind unit.

Odyne's plug-in hybrid drive system for medium- and heavy-duty trucks uses new battery technology that can provide 6kW or more of exportable electricity to power large electrical loads, equipment, and tools.

The system has been tested to 18kW, and is designed for applications up requiring up to 36kW, which Odyne says could eliminate the need for vehicle-mounted or towed electrical generators. The new system can also do away with the need to continually idle the truck's motor to operate engine-driven generators, thereby reducing operating costs.

The Odyne system provides consistent power conversion throughout the entire range of the battery charge. The system will operate without interruption at the work site, even if battery capacity drops, since the hybrid system can recharge the battery quickly by temporarily using the chassis engine, if needed.

The robust design of the inverter includes external mounting capability, advanced diagnostics, and improved communications for accurate control, easier servicing, better power-use reporting, and customized programming that optimizes system performance.

The new system takes less space in the truck body, and its design provides
flexibility in meeting varied power requirements. Operators especially appreciate not having to maintain and fuel separate engine-driven generators.

An Odyne hybrid system reduces fleet operating and maintenance costs. Depending on duty cycle, it can improve large-truck fuel economy by up to 50%, compared to traditional diesel or gasoline engines. The system's proprietary, patented hybrid technology combines reliable electric power conversion, power control, and energy storage.

The Odyne hybrid system interfaces with Allison fully-automatic transmissions, Remy advanced electric propulsion motors, Johnson Controls lithium-ion battery technology, and other automotive-quality components. The unique power take-off (PTO) connects the hybrid system directly to the transmission, enabling improved fuel efficiency. When the truck is driving, the Odyne hybrid system uses electric launch assist and regenerative braking to save fuel.

When the truck is stationary, the hybrid system powers most equipment for an entire work day with the engine off.

Sold through a worldwide distribution network, the Odyne hybrid system can be installed on new trucks or retrofitted to existing vehicles.

John Petras, vice president of engineering at Odyne, said, “Odyne closely collaborated with one of the world’s leaders in power conversion technology and manufacturing to develop the unique and proprietary advanced export power inverter that is a key component within the system. Odyne is very pleased to offer a highly scalable solution to meet the increasing demands for efficient electrification of truck and worksite loads. This technology, combined with our existing plug-in
charging and smart grid capability, also takes Odyne one step closer to providing more advanced functionality, such as vehicle to grid bi-directional capabilities.”

Odyne Systems has been selected to participate in a $45.4 million U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) award to develop and deploy plug-in hybrid systems for more than 120 trucks throughout North America in 2014.


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