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OEM Data Delivery Products Give Fleet Managers Control of Equipment

Shelton, Conn.-based OEM Data Delivery, a developer of jobsite data management tools, has introduced a comprehensive telematics system designed for owners of heavy equipment that want to track and manage their assets and each unit’s fuel consumption.

The OEM Data Delivery Telematics System is a wireless, hands-free way to capture individual asset locations, along with work time, engine idle and service alerts with a high degree of precision. This allows management to monitor, in real time, the activity at each jobsite, so that every resource—workers, equipment, tools and fuel—can be used to greatest benefit.

OEM DD Telematics Systems are scaleable, and have a high population capability. Systems typically consist of several modules, which can be implemented simultaneously, or over time. Generally, the core module is an ST-900 Cellular Service Tracker, which offers standard GPS capabilities, with greater flexibility, and more user-friendly operation. The ST-900 tracks machine hours, location idle vs. work logs and odometer readings. It also generates custom service alerts so maintenance can be scheduled when it’s most advantageous and over-servicing is avoided.

A Fuel Tracker unit, used in conjunction with the ST-900, tracks the dispensing of fuel and other consumables into individual equipment or vehicles.

Telematics systems are custom-engineered to user requirements; training takes just a few hours. All modules within the OEM DD Telematics System were engineered for rugged environments. Systems perform wirelessly, paperlessly and free of manual intervention. Management reports are generated nightly and information can be uploaded into virtually any back office system.

Another recent company introduction, the RFID Cube, is another option in its fleet management line of products. The Cube allows customers to track and control activity on all equipment, attachments, and tools. Manual paperwork generated from the fuel and service truck, fuel station, and delivery truck personnel is eliminated.

Customers can use the RFID Cube on its own or in conjunction with other OEM Data Delivery fleet management tools, such as the Radio Service Tracker, Cellular Service Tracker, Pump Tracker and GoPOD. Users can customize the tracking devices according to the priority and need of the equipment. For example, the RFID Cube can be used to manage short-term rental equipment, subcontractors, attachments, light towers, etc. This results in maintaining a streamlined and wireless data capture at an economical cost.

The OEM Data Delivery RFID Cube is a time-saving tool that helps management maximize its people and material resources, and minimize paperwork. It is a powerful tool for preventing theft, and the dispensing of fuel into unauthorized containers. It also allows for more precise job costing and invoicing, and greatly simplifies regulatory documentation.

Reports are generated nightly and delivered via email and secure web reports. Information uploads into any major back office and integrates seamlessly with accounting software. Workers and managers can be fully trained in RFID Cube operation in 10 minutes. Implementation takes just 5 minutes.

The RFID cube is wireless, paperless, and hands-free. It was engineered specifically for construction and other severe service environments. Its program memory is 256K bytes and its enclosed battery has a three-year service life.

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